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Types of Spool Knitting Crafts Ideas

Spool knitting, also known as French knitting is a way of knitting that creates a long tubular-like cord. If you love typography neon signage minus the electricity and yet stays bright and lively, spool knitting is the way to go!

Spool knitting uses a very unique tool too and I will show you later in this post. But before we get started, I’d like to share with you what I will be covering in this post.

  1. What is spool knitting and how it looks like
  2. The best design ideas of spool knitting
  3. Beginner tutorials to get you started
  4. The best tool sets to start


What is spool knitting and designs

Spool knitting is similar to the Loom rubber bands (just my opinion 🙂 ) Spool knitting is also known as French knitting as I’ve mentioned it earlier.

If you love to use wires and twist it up to letterings or shapes like animals or toys, then you might want to try spool knitting.

What I like about it is that the knitting tool is so small that it’s easy to take around. To where? Ooh, when you go travelling, that can come handy in the long journey to keep you occupy!

Most of the designs makes great for children’s room and nursery. But there are also many other uses for it as well such as stand clip (that thing you hold cards on tables? ). If that explanation sounds terrible, don’t worry! I have the designs to show you!

Enough about explaining it. Now, the best thing to do is to let the pictures do the talking. I absolutely loves these and I wanted to share them with you below.

Alright, let’s check them out already!

While many of these are pretty wall-hanging decorations, you can get more creative with it by creating keychains, coasters, card holders, photo holders, pet toys, toddler toys, and what nots. The possibilities are endless and that means so much fun to have when you get right into it.

In case you are interested to start, here is a beginner-friendly tutorial that you can follow to get the hang of the basics.


If you are looking for the tool set, here is my recommended set that you can purchase from (click image).

Hope you enjoy this post and it once again gave you yet another fun, creative activity to do!

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