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Polymer Clay Slab Design Techniques


In this post, I’m going to show you some of the polymer clay slab design techniques. You can learn and apply these techniques to create the same outcome (but, of course your own version) like those pretty designs we’ve seen around.

In the last post, I’ve been pretty brutal for showing such dangerously gorgeous designs. I mean, if you are a maker with itchy hands, it sort of makes you want to know exactly how to do it like the pros on your own * wink *.

What use if I show you the designs but not the chops right? And that’s how this came about when I thought about what could make it even better for you in case you want to make them too.

I’m going to give it all to you here. Yes, no gimmicks. Just straight up answers on how to master those polymer slab design techniques and manifest them into delicate flowers and what other magical things your wonderful hands can make!


So, like the usual protocol, here’s the agenda on what we will go through:

  1. Techniques on creating polymer clay slab designs

Let’s get on it!


If you’ve scraps of polymer clay and not know what to do with them but not throw them, then this Bargello design technique is for you.

Up next is the Japanese marble-like design pattern, called the Mokume Gane. Check this out on how to make it!

For those of you who love marble with some gold in it, here is a tutorial on how to use gold leaves in your polymer clay slab

This one is one of my favorite with all the details on the clay slab. Watch this tutorial closely!


I don’t know about you but I find this similar to some of the fancy cake decoration with the realistic looking paint brush effect (not sure what you call it). It is also one of my favorite (yes, I have many favorites, lol)


These color combination is so happy-fying! The bright colors goes so well together and it’s such a joy to look at. Great slab design to ake happy days earrings, perhaps?


You like hibiscus or tropical plants and flowers? This tutorial shows you how to make tropical flowers clay design.


Another one of the clay designs with detailed teeny-weeny flower elements. This is is a lavender flowers design.


Finally! One of the popular abstract art designs for polymer clay! If you are also having a fever with abstract art, organic shapes and forms, this one for you!

My, sorry to make you binge but seriously, you can’t get enough of these!

Here’s also another abstract art pattern for your polymer clay.


Honeycomb designs, anyone? This one is for you. Get bee-sy with it!


Okay, that’s it for now. Will share more of these wonderful tutorials when I see them to help you get more ideas and amp up your polymer clay design game!

Hope you enjoy this and if you did, I would really appreciate for you to Pin it or share it!


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