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DIY Woven Tapestry Tutorial

best woven tapestry tutorials

In this post we will be exploring the popular DIY woven tapestry! If you want to learn how to make DIY (weaved) tapestry on your own or simply just want to know how it got created, then I am going to tell you as much as I can!

Before that, here is an overview of how this post is organized.

  • Tons of beautiful woven tapestries examples
  • Tutorials on tapestry weaving from beginner to advance levels.

Alright! Let’s get started.

These woven wall-hanging tapestry caught my eyes when I was scrolling around Pinterest. The rest is history. When something catches my attention, I’ll want to try it out and learn to at least make one of my own.

Here are some of my favorites or shall I say, the ones that are the cause of my curiosity in this craft.


If you are weaving for the first time, it can get intimidating to weave a large wall-hanging tapestry macrame.  The best way to have some fun making some of your own is by making the miniature ones instead! These are smaller in size, cute and isn’t that overwhelming!

Here’s my favorite tutorial on getting started to making your very first, mini tapestry.

If you are ready to create a little larger tapestry, here is an awesome tutorial that includes on how you can make your own DIY loom! Imagine if you don’t have a proper looming kit, you can make one your own using things around the house. That’s neat!

Finally, here is a video that you ought to check out because it will show you all the weaving patterns that you can try to incorporate in your first DIY woven tapestry! It’d be much more interesting instead of just making the entire thing in one single pattern.


Alright, I guess that’s sufficient enough for you to get started and make some pretty advance woven tapestry of your own already.

I will be sharing more in-depth about the types of weaving patterns and techniques in my next posts. Stay tune!

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