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DIY Tapestry Weaving Techniques Tutorials

tapestry weaving techniques

If you are hooked to these wall-hanging arts and making them, I’ve some DIY tapestry weaving techniques tutorials here that will take you from beginner to a pro!

In my previous post, I’ve wrote about some of my favorite and also some beginner tutorial on how to make a basic woven macrame.

But, if you’ve seen some creative genius folks on the internet, you’ll be inspired to make advance versions that uses different weaving methods to create many different textures.

Here are what we will cover in this post:

  • Types of weaving techniques
  • What they looked like and what is their unique names
  • Video tutorials on how to make it


Okay, since we are actionable folks,  let’s not waste any time and jump right in to learn how to get it done!


Loops are interesting. It’s looks bizarrely messy but also makes your piece of woven macrame much more unique and a character on its own.


If you want a compact, thick and full-bodied woven macrame, using the knotting method will make you one.


The famous Soumak is one that caught my attention early on. It reminds me of braids and Rapunzel – go figure! I absolutely love this pattern.

Warp interlocking

Want to go spiral instead of the usual rectangular shape? Try this warp interlocking.

Rya loops

The Rya loop is one popular one and it makes shapes stand out.

Weft interlocking

This is another advance technique that looks daunting but is actually fun to try out.


I love bubbling! It creates these bobs that makes it look so fluffy.


This is one simple but unique method to create yet a new design.

Fabric weave mix

Are you feeling adventurous? Just like mixed media art, you can get a little braver and throw in different types of materials to see what it creates! Exciting!

Fringe and Ghiorde knots

It looks almost similar but worth checking out if you want to create the fringe texture.

If you’ve tested all the 10 techniques above, you’ll be ready to take over the tapestry weaving world!

Knowing more techniques can help you mix and match; and create your own signature style of the method that best works for you.

Which of the weaving techniques do you like or you can’t wait to go try it out?? Do share it with me in the comments below!

If you enjoy this post, do help me to share the love out to others whom you think will find it useful as well!

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