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DIY Printable Tarot Cards Project


During this lock down period, I got the idea to create DIY printable tarot cards. This came from someone suggesting to make board games and since I am not planning to go shopping anytime, it woke the creative in me!

So here is what’s in store inside this post!

  • Why tarot cards?
  • What you need
  • Step-by-step to make tarot cards
  • Best tarot cards on sale (not from me!)

Why make tarot cards?

I stumbled across some tarot readings on YouTube which was pretty interesting and I wanted to try it out. Afterall, it’s only a month since the lockdown, purchase is hard and limited. There wasn’t any card decks that are currently available that I really like, so, I decided to make my first deck being a DIY craft person.

Turns out, it was an easy and fun little creative project that can let me try out tarot readings and who knows what other creative projects will that lead to!

Okay, let’s start!

What you need:

  1. Printable tarot cards (Download my tarot pdf file here).
  2. Laminate film.
  3. Lamination machine.

Step-by-step on making DIY tarot cards

First, get ready some tarot printables that you like. You can find plenty on the internet. I chose Rider Waite deck because it’s the most common and the only one I find easy for my beginner skills to tell the cards apart.

But if you are already familiar with tarot cards, then feel free to find the decks that you like or, you can even go ahead and design some yourself if you want.

Here are mine, all printed out on watercolor painting art paper. You can use any heavy weighted paper. These are actually black and white, coloring tarot cards but I am going to use them as it is without color.

Then I cut them up. I realized I printed them too small but that makes it unique for me to call them my own!


I had a stack of name cards laminate films and so, I decided to use them.

After laminating a bunch of the cards, I ran out of small name card films (so much for not counting!). But that’s okay.

I found some larger A4 size laminate films and outlined the name card sizes on them. Then I arranged the paper cards in each of the outlined boxes and laminate it.

Once I’ve laminated it all, I turned on Netflix (okay, unrelated info but it helps!), cut these cards and trimmed them.

And done! Here is the final outcome taken with some * light decoration * .

It was fun playing with it and making my own readings but I think I got to learn more about it because I find myself taking too much time finding references on what each card means and what spreads are there and such.

I was just drawn to some of the beautiful cards I saw online. That was what inspired me  to make and own a set of my own because it feels much more personal for me.

If you are interested to learn tarot or want to make your tarot journal for studying and reference, do check out my tarot templates on sale.

Click here for tarot card spreads templates.

Click here for tarot reading journal sheets.

Here are the products that were used for creating these DIY tarot cards.

I used card size laminating sheets at the beginning but ran out of it midway.

Laminating sheets – Card size

Then, I used the larger sheets I have for the remainder cards and manually cut out the cards.

Laminating sheets – US letter size


And finally, you will need a laminating machine. I used a small one that fits for laminating US letter and A4 paper sizes as these are the usual sizes of papers that I use.

Laminating machine


*Note: This post contain some affiliate links which are links to the products or services that I am referring. This means, if you decided to purchase, then I earn some commission from it without any extra charges from you.

Best tarot cards (I like) that are available for sale

Oh, here are some beautiful tarot cards that I found and like below. There are all available for sale and you can get them if you don’t want to make them like I did.

Click on the card image to learn more about each card deck. 

The first is the Wild Unknown Animal spirit tarot deck. It is in mostly black and white. Each of the cards has an animal that represent the card’s message and meaning.

If you like something fun, cheeky and carefree, this is the Cat tarot deck. Each tarot card is illustrated with a cat on it hence the card’s name.

This is the Everyday tarot cards that is also small and compact to take around easily. It comes in purple and yellow. The illustrated images are neat and clean making it easy to read.

The next is the Illuminated tarot deck. It comes in dark blue and gold embossing on the box. It just looks so expensive and exquisite but it’s actually quite affordable! Click on the image to learn more on the card.

If you like all things cute and kawaii, behold the Kawaii tarot deck cards! It comes in a cute sweet pink color and super duper cute images on the cards.

This is the Light Seers tarot deck. I love the ocean blue color it comes in and the feminine graphics.

This is the Modern Witch tarot deck and it is really clean, modern, funky and beautiful!

This is the Mystic Mondays tarot. I don’t know what it mean but it caught my eyes because it has such vibrant and modern illustration.

Here is the Starseed tarot deck. I love how the colors are so soft and dreamy.


This is also a popular best seller and it’s the Wild Unknown tarot deck cards.  A popular choice among tarot cards buyers? Yes!

Last but not least, here is the classic and popular Rider Waite deck! (my printables are using this and it was also the deck that I first get to know). This is the holographic version that I absolutely love.


If you prefers the classic version here is the classic Rider Waite tarot deck.

I hope you are doing well, staying safe and healthy at the moment. Will you try out this project and give tarot a try? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

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