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DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry Crafts


DIY polymer clay jewelry crafts is one the hottest thing that’s trending right now! These are cute, colorful and are such delightful creative accessories that’s argh! makes you wanna eat ’em up! Alright, just kidding – don’t mean to be freaky or something.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best creations I’ve come across and love because, the things we loved are meant for sharing, isn’t it?

Here’s an overview what this post is going to cover.

  1. Collection of some of the best creations
  2. Tutorials on how to make yours
  3. Favorite pick of essential tools

Without further ad, let’s get started by checking out some of my favorite picks! Actually, there are way too many that I like and I wish I could list them all. Nevertheless, I’ll add the links to other fantastic polymer clay jewelry artists.

I am trying to find all of them makers but for those you can see their brands, check them out!

Beginner tutorials to make DIY polymer clay jewelry

Don’t you feel the itch to try make some yourself? Some of the patterns looks pretty complicated and that can be intimidating to attempt. Fret not! I’ve got you covered because I’ve found some fantastic beginner-friendly tutorials that will help ease your worry and gives you that encouragement to go forth and create!

Can’t wait, already? Here you go!


I hope you enjoyed and learn a thing or two about polymer clay jewelry making from those videos! If you are ready to make some of your own, I’ve also done some research for you on the best essential polymer clay jewelry making tools you will need.

Below are my top findings and after doing some extensive research and also checking with other crafters, these are the best and affordable ones that are great for you to use as a beginner and are good quality enough to last a long time.

Polymer clay

The top brands for polymer clay that are used by most of the crafters are Sculpey, Premo (part of Sculpey), FIMO and Kato. You can see them below. And if you need more details on each of them, click on the image.


Polymer clay craft tools

Besides the best polymer clay for best effects, these are currently the best rated and also affordable tools that are sufficient to get started. You may want to have a set of sculpting tools to mold and shape as you like, a silicon mat to ensure your table top surface remain clean, rolling tools, craft baking oven and also the famous clay rolling machine!

Check them out. Click on the tools for more details or to purchase them.


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