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Colorful DIY Punch Needle Crafts

colorful diy punch needle tufted craft projects

If you are into knitting and yarns, check out the punch needle crafts that you can make! I found these funky, decorative and practical craft creations that makes me so happy!

While the size of the craft is completely up to you, I personally think that these small punch needle crafts are just the right size for a quick getaway to indulge into making crafts when we have little time.

Plus, if you are like me with short attention span or likes smaller chunks of projects rather than huge ones, these are also great craft ideas for you too!

Here are what I will cover in this post for you!

  • Introduction to punch needles
  • What can you make
  • Where to get them to make your own


What are punch needles?

Punch needle is a form of embroidery with thicker strands of threads like yarns using a unique embroidery needle.

The needle is thick and has a hole in the center like a straw. That’s where the thread goes through it and the shape of the punch needle is like a pen. How you embroider (wording?) is by poking the needle into the fabric and shaping it into the design or pattern that you want to make.

Okay, if that’s confusing, I’ll show you how it looks like.

Here is what it looks like.

(Click on the image to find out more about the product.)

Source: Amazon


Alright, now that we’ve got the idea of the tool, it’s time to answer…

What can I make with it?

If traditional embroidery is not exciting for you, maybe this will change how you see embroidery!

For me, I find this a great alternative for anyone starting and even children, to start embroidery and at least get it done.

Thicker thread, means faster to color up the pattern which leads to shorter and faster time to complete it!

And when you complete a project faster, it is somewhat more motivating to keep making more, right?

Time to fill up your time and space with these wonderful, colorful, bright, happy punch needle embroidery projects!

Check out what others have been making.

From these examples, you can see that the possibilities are endless! It’s just limited by your own imagination.

Many creative makers have created coasters, portraits, rugs and bags. It can even be applied to existing things we have such as woven plant pot bags, throw pillow covers and it did brought a new life to these things.

Did those cause an itch to make some for yourself or what? If it did, you can get the starter tools from your local craft store or order them online.





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